1. Application

      Agro Shade Nets

      Agro Shade Net Application

      The shading nets fulfil the task of giving appropriate micro-climate condition to the plant.
      When grown under controlled condition.
      These plants must be developed inside Green house, under shades that allows only a diffuse light to pass through.

      Agro Shade Net Used

      • Green House
      • Tea Clone Nurseries
      • Nursery Net
      • Anti Bird Net
      • Well Net
      • Car Parking Net
      • Tent House
      • Construction Safety Net
      • Decoration Net
      • Fencing Net
      • Horiculture
      • Floriculture

      Agro Shade Net Advantage

      • Cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants and medical plants.
      • Cultivation of fruits, vegetables and spices.
      • Act as climate controller for plants.
      • Protects damage from insects and birds.
      • Non Hygroscopic & Fungus resistant's.
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